Om Sweet Om – Getting Started With Your Home Yoga Studio

Home Sweet Home” is one of those familiar phrases we all throw around after a long day or hectic vacation. But with a busy lifestyle – whether it’s our lovable but somewhat messy kids, a job that has you working at all hours, or a messy relationship – sometimes walking in the door to your house isn’t so sweet. Sometimes you need an extra dose of sugar to free your mind and unwind from the day both mentally and physically. A home yoga studio is a perfect way to have a space to declutter and sanctuary of serenity whenever you need it.

Yoga Display

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If you’ve already been in the practice of yoga, you are aware that yoga is your best friend when you are stressed, anxious, or upset. Simply doing yoga at home is a great start for stress management. But if you are still finding yourself distracted – it may be time to take it a step further and design your own personal, dedicated at home yoga studio.

Home Yoga Studio Design Ideas

home yoga room ideasCreating a space for your home yoga practice will not only benefit your sessions, it’s also fun and exciting to create an oasis all your own. Here are some tips to consider from interior designers that can come in handy depending on what you want to achieve from your home yoga studio.

  • Choose soft, calming colors to keep the area tranquil and decorate with soothing and warm accents.
  • Think of adjectives that make you feel one with your spirit and self. Find visual representations of those items…but keep it simple. Space or minimal design can help to keep the focus on self.
  • Choose a room in your home where you can be left to yourself  – an extra bedroom, finished basement, back patio.
  • If you do not have a full room, dedicate part of a bedroom, living room, or home office to your practice.
  • Consider a room with good lighting and natural sunlight… Vitamin D can work wonders. Look into therapeutic lighting elements for your space.

Common In Home Yoga Studio Decor And Their Meanings

Be mindful and thoughtful when it comes to creating your home yoga studio. Be deliberate and transparent. Everything in your home yoga space should have a purpose. sage or candles or incense for your home yoga studioHere are some examples that can bring your yoga studio the zen and feng shui you desire:

  • A tree or plant can remind you to stay connected with the earth and seasons, and remind you of the universal gift of life.
  • Candles or incense to burn – lavender, sage, or juniper, are some examples of scents that are worth considering. (Shop candles at
  • Healing stones or crystals all have different chakras. You can get ones specific buddah for your yoga studioto your journey, whether it’s luck,
    meditation, mental clarity, self-awareness, inner peace, or all of the above!
  • Buddha statues all have different meanings as well. There are ones laughing, meditating, traveling, blessing, teaching, etc. Placement of these within your home yoga studio are also important.
  • Om (ॐ) in yoga is a spiritual symbol associated with a higher awareness of the mind and level of consciousness. It is a mantra for calm and peace.
  • Lotus is a sign of peace and purity of mind. This flower floats above the depths of the murky elephant symbolismwater as those coming from a dark place into the light and overcoming adversity and desire with strength.
  • Elephants in the eastern region are a spiritual symbol of wisdom, strength, and beauty. They are calm and virtually stop at nothing when they set their mind on their journey.

Additional Considerations For Your At Home Yoga Studio

  • essential oils for your home yoga studioEssential oils for your given mood – essential oils each have a specific healing property, whether you are looking to destress, lose weight, improve energy, and more. (Related: Shop Spark Naturals essential oils SALE here!)
  • Have a signal outside of the room so that others know that you are not to be disturbed during that time.
  • Implement noise canceling additions if necessary to support your time of reflection and enlightenment.
  • Don’t forget to add music, peaceful sounds, or white noise. Make sure healing, affirmation, or prayer journal for your yoga studio at homeyou choose calming sounds for your yoga and meditation practices. You can even get a sound maker or waterfall machine. Simply searching the internet for deep relaxation or meditation sounds and you'll be able to find a variety of YouTube videos. You can listen to them and find noises that suit you. There are also apps that play ocean, rain, or other serene sounds from nature.
  • Is there a special quote, affirmation, or prayer that means a lot to you? Keep them in this room for guidance. If you keep a healing journal, this is a great place to write your thoughts down. (Search Journals on here)
  • If you are using online videos for your home practice, make sure you have a place to put your computer or tablet for optimal viewing that also won't get in the way.

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Explore All Types of Practices and Pose Considerations From Your Yoga Studio At Home

What type of yoga practice do you plan on doing in this studio? There are so many options to consider when you are learning to do yoga from home. Besides the typical towels and mat, you can consider a space heater for Bikram hot yoga, or aerial yoga hammock if float yoga is more your style. There are different items you can add to your space depending on the type of yoga you want to perform: Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar, or Bikram.

Tips For Using Your Yoga Home Studio

  1. Timing is everything, pick a time to unwind and do your best to make it part of your daily routine, whether that’s first thing in the morning, right before bed, after you drop your kids off at soccer practice, or when you get home from work.
  2. Location plays a vital role in your habit. Try not to move your yoga space – have it somewhere you can go to whenever you need. You shouldn’t have to set it up, it should just be there.
  3. Design without going overboard. Keeping it simple means less room for distractions and more room for mindful, thoughtful, focused energy.

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Your Home Yoga Studio Design Should Be Specific To You

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Yoga brings you peace, clarity, and calm in even the most stressful of environments. If your space makes you feel at home and happy, you will be more inclined to use it and it will give you the clarity you are looking for. Make it your own. If it is not specific to you, it’s going to feel fake and unfulfilling. We hope that these tips will help bring your home yoga studio to life. We’d love to see your spaces and hear your own ideas! Feel free to comment or share them on our Facebook page. Namaste and have fun creating your ‘Om Sweet Om’.

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