Yoga is often thought of as a gentle exercise that is not effective for weight loss. While is is very gentle and healing for the body, it is a misconception that yoga doesn't burn calories. You might be surprised to find out that some forms of yoga are as powerful as going for a run! We will be counting down to the best yoga class in terms of calorie burn. At the end of this post you will also find a chart that shows how many calories does yoga burn by practice. (Related: Top Yoga Poses For Weightloss)

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#9) Calories Burned During Yin Yoga Session

Yin is a newer form of yoga that stresses holding poses for minutes at a time. This helps to deeply stretch the muscles in a gentle way. The word ‘yin' literally means ‘shady side', which guarantees a calm and relaxed practice. Due to it's gentle nature, it pairs well with other, more intense workouts like aerobics or even other, more intense forms of yoga.

Calories burned per hour: 111

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#8) Calories Burned During Iyengar Yoga Session

Like Hatha yoga, Iyengar is more focused on perfecting the body's alignment than fluid movement. Because of the slow pace of this type of yoga, it is great gentle beginner workout. This form of yoga is excellent or improving flexibility, but does not burn many calories.

Calories burned per hour: 175

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#7) Calories Burned During Acro Yoga

This acrobatic workout is a fun way to get more fit and flexible with a partner. While some of the poses are relaxing and restorative, others require loads of concentration and stamina.

Calories burned per hour: 175

#6) Calories Burned During Hatha Yoga Session

This form of yoga is super gentle and not very fluid, and the emphasis is on holding the poses for many seconds. The result of this approach is that few calories are burned when compared with other types of yoga. Although, you may tone up and sculpt your muscles if you focus on flexing certain parts of your body while in your asana. Keep in mind that many hatha classes are only 45 minutes long with added time for a cool down.

Calories burned per hour: 175-225

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#5) Calories Burned During Aerial Yoga Session

This form of yoga combines traditional asanas with acrobatic moves—in the air. You don't have to be highly skilled to do this one, and it provides quite a thrill. It is also one of the best core workouts you can get. Although it's not super strenuous, it qualifies as moderately calorie-burning. The moves range from simple and slow to more complex and intense.

Calories burned per hour: 350

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#4) Calories Burned During Ashtanga Yoga Session

Another name for this yoga practice is corepower yoga. The style has a set number of poses that you go through in a flow. Because of the fluid movement, you will burn a good amount of calories in an ashtanga class.

Calories burned per hour: 450-550

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#3) Calories Burned During P90x PiYo Session

This workout series combines yoga, circuit training, kickboxing, and plyometrics. While this post is about how many calories does yoga burn, piyo (pilates, yoga) circuit of p90x has some incredible weight loss benefits. This is one intense cardio workout, the ‘x' standing for extreme. It is designed to make your heart and muscles work harder. The P90x workout is set up around power intervals of hard exercise and rest. Because of this approach, you will burn many calories during a workout. Also, using intervals in a workout helps your body burn more throughout the day.

Calories burned per hour: 544

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#2) Calories Burned During Vinyasa Session

In Vinyasa, the focus is all about changing poses quickly. Because of the fluidity of movement that Vinyasa creates, it is a great way to lose weight. In fact, the number of calories burned is equal to how much you would lose running at five mph.

Calories burned per hour: 550-594

#1) Calories Burned During Hot / Bikram Yoga Session

How many calories does hot yoga burn? Both Bikram / hot yoga are done in a room that is 105 degrees fahrenheit. This increase in temperature works your body harder. You will definitely work up a sweat in one of these classes. Also, a normal Bikram yoga class lasts 90 min, not 60. So you will burn even more calories than in one session of a shorter class.

Calories burned per hour: 630-800

[Chart] How Many Calories Does Yoga Burn?

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*These caloric amounts are based on the weight of a womans who weighs 150 pounds. To find your specific caloric burn, visit this calculator. //

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