How To Become Your Happiest and Healthiest Self When You Learn How To Do Yoga At Home

There are over 21 million Americans who practice yoga that at one point in time had no idea how to get started. Attending yoga classes outside of your home is a great way to master the ins and outs of this relaxation and exercise technique. It can, however, be challenging to find the time and money to join an instructor-led class, especially if the yoga studio’s business location is not near your home. Stepping into your first few yoga classes with little to no experience is also extremely intimidating and daunting. Learning how to do yoga at home is the simple but effective method to overcome these obstacles and more.

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Why 65% of Yogis Have Practiced Yoga At Home

The ugly truth about yoga: there are SO MANY amazing benefits, but classes are expensive, out of the way, and class times always seem to be inconvenient. Establishing an independent home yoga practice can do wonders for your mental and physical health. It is a great way to learn to move at your own pace, listen and respond to what your body is telling you and develop a greater frequency and consistency. Generally, practicing on your own gives you freedom to explore and perfect the yoga art in your own unique way.

learn how to do yoga at home

Whether you are facing time, location or financial constraints, or maybe you just want to learn how to do yoga at home; you can easily establish and maintain a consistent home yoga practice to boost your mood and fight off negativity.

How You Can Get Started With Yoga From Home Almost Instantly

5 Simple Tips For How To Do Yoga At Home

According to a YogaJournal study, the top place their readers practice yoga is from home. Doing yoga from home is a great way to save money and mitigate your already jam-packed schedule. That being said, we all know how hard it can be to get into a new habit and stick to it. Here are some easy, simple, ways to get started with yoga at home.

You, A Procrastinating, Stressed-Out, Roadblock Can Become A Fierce, Positive, Powerhouse.

1. Choose A Convenient Time To Begin Your Yoga Routine

how to do yoga in the morning timeHow can you do yoga at home when you have a crazy schedule? Morning hours are generally the best time to practice yoga as it keeps you focused and your energy positive all day long. However, when this doesn’t seem to be your most convenient time, don’t use it as an excuse to skip your yoga practice. Some people prefer evenings because they get to reduce their stress from the day and unwind before bed. If you don't make time now, you'll regret it later.

Start by choosing a time slot that is most convenient for your lifestyle and schedule. It could be mornings, just before lunch, or evenings. So if you can’t manage to practice yoga in the morning don’t worry; practicing it in the midday or evening is even a great way to release stress collected during the day and refresh your mind.

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2. Set Goals For Your Overall Yoga Practice

According to, “yoga practitioners are 20% more likely to have a positive self-image as compared to the general population“. Apart from the general yoga benefits of relaxation, clearing your mind and improving your physical health, it’s advisable to figure out exactly why you want to practice yoga. Most people practice yoga for many reasons. Some methods or goals include:

reasons to start doing yoga from home• Manage stress

• Lose weight

• Heal an injury or illness

• Fight anxiety or depression

• Attain spiritual fulfillment

• Find inner peace and happiness

These are just some of the ways yoga can improve your life. Think of the elements of wellness you want to improve. It could be flexibility, strength, anxiety, depression or stamina. Consider noting down your goals and tick them off along the way as you achieve them.

Here’s a Quick Way to Understanding The Types Of Yoga Practices You Can Do At Home And Their Benefits:

There are different types of yoga practices and poses. Different practices can aid exactly what you are hoping to achieve at that moment or an overall goal. Here are just a few examples to consider trying at home:
learn how to do hot yoga from home»

Hot Yoga:

Also known as Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga improves overall strength, flexibility, and physical performance. It also completely mellows out your mood to reduce stress and aid in the path to mindfulness. It is believed to rid the body of toxins. That being said, it is crucial to do so at a safe temperature…if too hot the results can actually backfire. This practice of bikram yoga is great for those trying to achieve weight loss goals.
learn how to do raja or ashtanga yoga at home»

Raja Yoga:

Also known as Ashtanga Yoga, Raja Yoga is used for self-discipline and self-awareness. It is an 8 part series which is meant to attain inner peace, mindfulness, and oneness of body and mind. This is great for people who are looking for ways to improve their mind and mental clarity. It's also beneficial for those practicing self-control and want to reduce stress. Raja Yoga is also referred to as the “Royal” or “King” of yogas. Ashtanga is apparent in all forms of yoga. This is because each practice can bring yogis to a place of self-realization and a higher stream of consciousness.
laya yoga practice and mantras pose

» Laya Yoga:

Also known as Kundalini Yoga, Laya Yoga focuses on meditation, chanting mantras, and asanas. This type of yoga is associated with awareness, spirituality, speaking your truth, healing, and compassion. Practicing Kundalini methods may be beneficial for those looking to get more in touch with their spirit. Many yogis believe it can also improve physical vitality. It too like most forms of yoga encompasses the value of improved consciousness.
learn how to practice power yoga at home

» Power Yoga:

Power Yoga, which is modeled off of Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic, new form of aerobic yoga. It is extremely dynamic and fitness based. Power Yoga has been proven to lower cholesterol and blood pressure and increase cardiovascular circulation. This practice can also increase stamina, strength, and core balance and stability. It also maintains the stress relieving and energy benefits of the Ashtanga values. Power Yoga is optimal for those who want to tighten or tone their physical appearance. It's also a great outlet if you are seeking a natural way to improve any health problems.

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3. Choose A Comfortable Place To Practice Your Yoga At Home

Who else wants a place in their home that instantly makes them feel at peace and relaxed? The best way to maintain a consistent home yoga practice is by reserving a small private room in your house for your yoga practice. Ideally, this should have as little interruption and human traffic as possible. You should design your practice space in a way that creates a positive, stress-free environment. Over time, your yoga practice will fill your house with positive energy. You can expect a sense of healing, comfort, and strength for you and others in your home.

home yoga comfortable space

However, if it’s not possible to reserve a private room, you can identify a quiet spot anywhere at your home. The space should be large enough to allow you perform all your yoga moves, where there is minimal disruption. Ensure that the yoga area is well-ventilated, quiet, clean and away from sharp objects or furniture.

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4. Collect All The Equipment You Need For Your Practice

home yoga equipement for learning how to do yoga at homeThe sooner you purchase your own yoga equipment, the better. Long term, it will save you hundreds of dollars on studio classes, gas money, and the cost of time. At the very least, you will need a yoga mat. Other items to improve your yoga practice include yoga block, yoga belt, and a bolster. You not necessarily need special clothes when learning to how to do yoga at home. Generally, you need to wear something loose and comfortable. A pair of athletic shorts and a t-shirt or tank top, and leggings, a sports bra will suffice.

One of the most common reasons people stop attending yoga classes is due to cost. To get things moving real quick, consider acquiring studio-worthy yoga video tutorials for your home practice for free online. Feel free to add nice slow, soothing music to make things a little more relaxing.

You Don't Have To Be A Certified Yoga Instructor To Be Successful.

5. Sequence A Well-Balanced Yoga Practice And Learn From Home

starting a yoga sequence at homeDid you know that 55% of yoga practitioners have never stepped foot inside a studio? Sequencing is when you put together asanas that actually make up a yoga practice. It’s quite tricky to put together the sequences especially for beginners or if you are practicing yoga at home. There is always a basic sequence that most yoga sessions follow. Whichever way or techniques you want to apply in yoga start small.

The lazy (aka time-saving) way to finding the best yoga videos:

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Little Known Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Yoga Routine

Did you know that 98% of yogis believe they are beginner or intermediate level practitioners? We were all beginners once! Here are some simple tips for all beginners and even expert yogis to keep and mind.

Helpful Sequencing Reminders For Beginners Who Are Getting Started Yoga At Home

i. Start by practicing short chanting and meditations exercises to center your thoughts and calm your mind.

ii. Set an intention and a mindset for your practice before you execute it.

iii. After meditation and focusing your mind, warm up with floor poses.

iv. Follow the warm up with sun salutations and standing poses. Then progress through backbends, inversions, and forward bends. End with corpse pose, child's pose, or savasana.

v. Close the practice with a final relaxation pose to calm down your mind, body, and spirit.

If You Use These Tips And Get Out Of Your Own Way, You Can See Results Almost Instantly

Doing Yoga Is An Experience, A Journey, And An Escape

In life, some days are better than others. The same goes for your yoga practice. But when it's right at home, you should always do your best to take a few minutes out of your day to clear your mind. When you are going through a rough patch, remember why you started. Make a list of 5 things you are grateful each morning or each night. Consider a healing journal. When you practice self-love and self-care, you always win. We hope you find this ‘how to do yoga' advice inspirational and beneficial! Now go and start your journey towards Om Sweet Om. ॐ

learning how to do yoga is a journey

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