Sanuk Shoes – The Best Womens, Mens, and Kids Footwear For Every Occasion (Outfit Ideas With Pictures Included!)

In 1997, Sanuk founded its roots in the Southern California surf culture. They became well known for their Sidewalk Surfers that used, “it’s not a shoe, it’s a sandal” as their motto. Today, it is a global brand that fits many different lifestyles with many varieties to choose from!

Yoga Display

Sanuk has now grown into a universal footwear brand, with their current slogan, “Casual Footwear For Happy Feet”. These shoes are for the entire family. They have many styles for men, women, boys, and girls (and unisex).

If you are considering footwear brands such as Rainbow, Reef, Sperry, Toms, Planet Shoes, Crocs, Teva, Havaianas, FitFlop, or Chacos, you’ll definitely want to make sure you include Sanuk in your search. These brands are some of the main competitors of Sanuk.

How Much Do Sanuks Cost?

Not only are these shoes extremely comfortable, but they are also super affordable. Even though they may be more expensive than a pair of Old Navy flip-flops, they are still within budget for most. You’re getting more than what you pay for when you choose to buy Sanuk shoes. I have a pair of Sanuk flip-flops that ran me about $20 and they were worth every penny.

If you choose to order Sanuks directly from their website, the brand offers free shipping over $35 and also provide free returns. They include the return label with your shipment, making the return process a breeze. Here are some ongoing sanuk sales and coupon codes to use: Online Coupon Codes And Sales

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Where To Buy Sanuk Shoes On Sale

If you don’t to buy right from the Sanuk online store, there are many other retailers that sell their footwear. This is especially helpful when you are in search of clearance or discount prices.

Who doesn’t love getting something of great quality for cheap?! If you are looking for coupons to lower the cost of Sanuks, the make sure to check out bargain shopping sites and apps. Groupon, Amazon, Nordstrom Rack and almost ALWAYS have some sort of sale running.

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Women’s Sanuk Shoes Reviews

Sanuk carries various types of shoes for women. Not only do these shoes look great in your yoga wear, but they can be worn with other outfits as well. You'll be stylin both in and out of the yoga studio. In fact, women have a lot of options to choose from when compared to other groups such as men and children.

The types and styles available that are their top-sellers are:

1. Sanuk Yoga Sling

sanuk yoga sling shoes for women

sanuk shoe style

Sanuk's Yoga Slings are one of their most popular options for women.  Sanuk women’s footwear has been popping up all over the place over in the last few years. Taking cues from its iconic shoe/sandal hybrid the Sidewalk Surfer (which is discussed in the men's section), the Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Sandal is an inspired design that combines great comfort and amazing style. The lightweight sling strap is soft and stretchy for optimal comfort on the toes while still delivering a secure fit. You get full sandal support with two straps in the back, and a flip-flop strap in the front.

Any fan of yoga will be pleased with the footbed which is made from the same substance as a real yoga mat for a cushioned feeling while you walk. It is made of vegan construction and a “Happy U” sponge rubber outer sole. The shoes are made out of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

Sanuk Yoga Shoes

Sanuk Yoga Collection Styles / Via

The Sanuk Yoga Slings come in various colors and designs so you can easily match your outfit to your shoes. With so many choices available it is easy to pair your Sanuk® Yoga Sling with casual wear or something more formal. They are versatile enough to be worn with everything from shorts, to jeans, to dresses. The foot bed is made from a comfortable, recycled yoga mat. Straps are a stretched knit which mold to any foot shape comfortably. The sandals are easy to clean and are a low price, making them affordable for any budget. All women's Yoga Slings are manufactured in a standard B width.


  • Extremely comfortable, can help to alleviate foot pain even when worn for long hours.
  • Small and compact… great for travel.
  • Yoga mat cushioning bounces back to its original shape
  • Padded straps
  • No-slip traction
  • Many designs and colors
  • True to size
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable


  • No arch support
  • Higher price than some brands
  • Cannot get excessively wet

Females are head-over-heels for the Sanuk Sling Sandals. You’ll find highly rated reviews all over the web. Here is a video review from a popular YouTuber.

2. Women's Sidewalk Surfers (Donna)

sanuk shoes - sidewalk surfers - women

sanuk shoe style

Toes of any lady who wears these shoes will experience the comfort of colorful lanai blanket. Characteristics of the product are:

  • U sponge-tastic rubber outsoles
  • Anti-microbial (able to prevent odor and bacteria)
  • Premium, hi-rebound, cushioning EVA footbeds
  • Soft canvas lining
  • Custom USA designed textile by Valdese Weavers

3. Yoga Mat Sandals / Flip Flops

yoga mat flip flops sanuk

sanuk shoe style

When it comes to women's flip-flops, Sanuk is a popular choice. The premium sandals can be described as comfortable, fashionable, and can go well with any indoor or outdoor outfit. Premium sandals have leather-covered spongerrific’ footbeds made with REAL YOGA MAT!

Women yoga mat sandals from Sanuk are considered to be the perfect combination of spirit, body and mind. They are made using real yoga mat material providing your feet with an unparalleled state of comfort. Some people say they wear the sandals to and from the store, to and from yoga and even around their house. Women love the sandals because they are not only comfortable and easily to slip on, but also great to use when they have just painted their toe nails.

Yoga Mat Wanderers are water friendly!

Other Yoga Collection Style Options from Sanuk:

sanuka yoga gora gora shoes

sanuk yoga charka flip flops for women

sanuk womens yoga sunrise sandals

  • Yoga Knotty – Shop this shoe style

womens sanuk shoes yoga knotty

sanuk womens shoes yoga salty

sanuk yoga fringe shoes

sanuk yoga mariposa shoes

sanuk sandal yoga gemini

poncho viva womens sanuk flip flops

Other Sanuk Yoga Collection Shoes Not Pictured: Yoga Bliss, Yoga Serenity, Yoga Glow, Yoga Sen, Yoga Joy, and many others that are constantly being added.

Other popular Women's options to pick from:

sanuk shoes womens sale

Men’s Sanuk Shoes Reviews

Sanuk has not left mend behind. They have the same categories of women, but with fewer choices. All the same, the variety available makes it possible for men with different tastes to get a shoe that will meet their needs.

When you want to purchase sandals, you will need to make sure you get all the details. The product of your choice should be sharp, strong, sleek and ready for anything. Sanuk products ensure men are able to fit in anywhere they go with their casual sandals. Additionally, the sandals are comfortable allowing the owner to wear it all day. Some of the features are:

  • Maximum traction and flexibility due to lightweight phylon outsoles
  • Arch cookies and T-Bars reduce the strain on our feet
  • U-Lounge Comfort built into super soft textured EVA midsoles
  • Breathability and comfort from textured neoprene liners
  • OG Beer Cozy inspired 3-point synthetic straps
  • Lightweight, super soft sandals
  • All men's products are manufactured in a standard D width.

The following are some reviews of some of the mens best sellers:

1. Beer Cozy Flip Flop Sandals

Mens Shoes Sanuk Beer Cozy Flip Flop Back

sanuk shoe style

This is one of the unique products that are only available for men. Beer cozy sandals are more or less compatible with jeans and a t-shirt. However, they are the next generation sandals that can be worn by men who feel they need to remove wear open shoes when going out for a beer, hence the name. Their characteristics are:

  • Blown rubber outsole with beer bottle tread pattern
  • U-Lounge comfort with buttery soft, high rebound soft molded EVA footbeds
  • Arch support and T-Bars reduce the strain on our feet
  • Real yoga mat footbeds
  • Sealed, molded sidewalls

2. Sidewalk Surfers

Mens Sanuk Sidewalk Surfer Shoes

sanuk shoe style

Just as the name suggests, these are shoes designed for the sidewalk. Sanuk discovered that sometimes people need all-wheel’ traction without giving up their comfy and cool shoes. This is where the chiba sidewalk surfers come in. made with tough rubber outsoles and breathable air mesh, people who wear these shoes should be ready to experience the wind on their feet. Details are:

  • Odor and bacteria are not a problem because the shoes are anti-microbial
  • Ultra-light, premium, molded EVA footbeds
  • Comfortable padded collar
    Canvas Upper Slip On
  • Quick-drying and soft liner
  • Yew-Knit breathable air mesh upper
  • Chiba and Vagabond inspired laid back slip-on design

There is a Pick Pocket Slip On (version similar to Vagabond / Sidewalk Surfers) that sells very well due to the fact that you can carry your ID, cash, and/or keys in!

3. Nu Nami Shoes

navy nu nami shoes men

sanuk shoe style

The general design is to make someone who is used to the beach to feel comfortable when going into the city. These are shoes with detailed tailoring and streamlined style. You can choose to wear them with casual or smart-casual clothes. Either way works when you have to go a little urban but want to ensure you do it as comfortable as possible. Shoes characteristics are:

  • Spongerrific rubber outsoles from Happy U
  • Odor and bacteria are not a problem because the shoes are anti-microbial
  • Ultra-light, premium, molded EVA footbeds
  • Soft canvas lining
  • Moc toe style
  • Slion on shoe style
  • Heavy sub line style with frayed edges

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List Of Other Mens Sanuk Shoes To Buy

sanuk shoes mens sale

Where and How To Wear Sanuk Shoes

Sanuks can go with almost any outfit. There are many style options and colors to choose from. Here are some ideas we found from a simple Google search.

When it comes to shoes and outfit pairings, Sanuk gives you a wide variety of options to choose from and make all your own. They can be worn in casual settings such as weddings, parties and gatherings, and even settings such as the workplace office. General features of these products include:

  • Espadrille stitching combined with ultra-flexible Sanuk rubber cupsoles
  • Custom printed canvas covers with yoga mat drop-in comfort
  • Custom USA designed textile by Valdese Weavers
  • Colorful patterns on casual slip-ons

There are so many ways to dress up your Sanuk shoes! No matter what style you like, you are sure to find an outfit that fits your personality. They offer a variety of patterns – from camo, to Aztec, to glitter, to chevron, they have it all! They come in wedges, metallic colors, gladiator style, fringe, you name it!

Sanuk Outfit Ideas For Women

sanuk shoes womens sale

For The Office:

sanuk sling outfit work

Sanuk Slings – Business Casual / Via DiscoverBella

sanuk yoga sling outfit with jeans

Sanuk Slings with white jeans / Via GlossyBlonde

Girly Outfit / Coffee Date:

Sanuk Yoga Sling Outfit dress idea

Colorful Sanuk Yoga Slings with Dress / Via Dearest Lou

sanuk slip ons outfit ideas

Sanuks Donnas with jeans and light sweater / Via Little Miss Fearless

Gora Gora Sandals Outfit idea

Short flowy dress with hat and Gora Gora Sandals / Via WithAllMyAffection

Street / City Girl Outfit Ideas:

sanuk sweatshirt shoes outfit idea

Jean Jacket with Sanuk Sweatshirt Shoes / Via BlogLovin Little Miss Fearless

Gora Gora Sanuks with dress

Shabby Chic jean dress with Yoga Gora Gora Sanuks / Via NatalieOffDuty

Date Night / Evening Wear:

sanuks with dress and jewelry

Dress-up your Sanuks Yoga Slings for date night with jewelry / Via The Fashion Spot

sanuk slings with shorts cute outfit

Day date summer outfit into evening – shorts and tank with Sanuk Slings / Via TorontoIsFashion

Edgy / Going Out:

Yoga Slings Outfit ideas for going out

Edgy Evening Outfit With Black Sanuk Yoga Slings / Via MyBlancCanvas

boat shoes outfit idea

Sanuk Boat Shoes with ripped jeans and choker / Via TrendStruck

Sanuk Sandals Outfit Edgy

Sanuk Yoga Gora Gora Sandals with leather jacker and grey wash jeans / Via And She Dressed

sanuk gora goras for women shop sale

Boho Chic

sanuk boho outfit idea

Wear a long dress or skirt with Sanuk Slings / Via AccordingToKimberly

Everyday Wear

school outfit sanuks

Going to class outfit – vest, leggings, sanuk slip ons / Via PrepByPrep Polyvore

Sanuk with cuffed jeans and scarf outfit

Sanuks with jeans and scarf / Via Sanuk Polyvore

sanuk womens sidewalk surfers on sale button

chill sanuk outfit ideas black sanuks

Black Sanuk Shuffles with cardigan and black jeans / Via Little Miss Fearless

sanuk slip on outfit ideas colored pants

Laid back outfit with ironic shirt and colored pants with Sanuk slip ons / Via SandyALaMode

Sanuk shoes with ripped jeans outfit

Sanuk Donnas with Ripped Jeans / Via Little Miss Fearless

Gym, Yoga, and Workout Outfit Ideas

Sporty Outfit sanuk yoga slings

Sporty Outfit with Sanuk Yoga Slingbacks / Via TheFashionSpot

sanuk yoga sling shoes for sale

sanuk yoga sling laid back outfit

Yoga slings can be comfy but stylish outfit for yoga or lounging / Via Walla-3 Polyvore

running shorts with sanuk slip ons outfit

Running Shorts with Sanuk Donna's / Via kennedykiillbbyy – polyvore

Beach And Summer Outfit Ideas

yoga slings with shorts

Yoga Slings with shorts and swimsuit outfit idea / Via ExploreGram

sanuk shoes womens sale

Sanuk Outfit Ideas For Men

sanuk shoes mens sale

sanuk cavalier shoes for men

Mens Sanuk Everyday or Work Outfit, Calvalier Collection / Via TPGstyle

sanuk shoes mens flip flops outfit idea

Sanuk Flip Flops For Men, Loungewear / Via Vickery

mens flip flops by sanuk sales

camo mens sanuks

Camo Sanuks / Via Lookbook Danny C

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers with shorts and hat / Via lookbook St. Mark

Cargo Shorts and Sanuk Mens Flip Flops / Via Zulily

sanuk shoes mens sale

Sanuk Shoes For Kids Review

kids sanuk shoes

Sanuk also makes children shoes for kids age 2 or older. Currently, they do not sell baby shoes. They have the same versions as they do for the women and men, just in smaller sizes and different patterns. If your child is a toddler, you are likely to find a pair that will fit them. What makes their shoes so great for kids is the amount of comfort walking, running, and playing. They are super easy to clean, so playing in the dirt or getting messy with crafts is no problem with Sanuks.

sanuk boys shoes

sanuk girls shoes

Top Selling Sanuks For Kids

Yoga Mat Flip Flop – Shop This Style

sanuk shoes for family

sanuk shoes kids sale

More About Sanuk Footwear:

How To Pronounce Sanuk: Suh-nook, (s uh – n uu k)

Currently, there are many types of shoe brands in the market. Some of these brands have been in the market for decades while others are quite new. As a result, choosing a brand that will suit your needs may seem to be a daunting task. One of the leading brand names in Asia and the world is Sanuk. The brand name is the Thai word for “happiness”. They include a smile over the u. They continue to deliver on that message by staying true to their original laid-back lifestyle, while staying innovative in style, design, and comfort. This company prides itself in manufacturing shoes that will meet the needs of various consumers. According to this wiki, Sanuk is now owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

Are Sanuks Waterproof? Not all of them. Take note that most of their shoes can be worn around water, but this does not necessarily mean they are waterproof. For example, the leather and suede style products can be damaged by water. This is the reason why Sanuk advises people wearing these shoe style to avoid water or areas with a lot of moisture. The only way an interested individual can get information on the types of shoes available from this company is by having some insight on their products.

shop all sanuk shoe styles

Cleaning And Washing Your Sanuks

Here’s a fun video that will prove how simple it is to wash your Sanuk shoes:


The Sanuk brand is not only in the US, but has locations all over the world. They sell their shoes in Dubai, Australia, Bangkok, Thailand, Melbourne, Africa, South America, Perth, Singapore, and even the Philippines. No matter where you are, you can wear your Sanuk shoes and feel comfortable and stylish.

Sanuk Sizing For Online Ordering

Most styles are offered in whole sizes only. If you are in between sizes, you will need to go up or down a half size, depending on the style. You will want to go down a half size for Sidewalk Surfers and up a half size for flip flops.

Additional sizing info and chart found here: // (Their shoes are also able to stretch if you have wide feet!)

Is there a Sanuk Store near you? Try their store locator to find out.

Sanuk Reviews – Celebs Love Them!

celebrities wearing sanuk shoes

James Franco, Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, Matthew McConaughey, and Dara Torres in Sanuk Donnas / Image via: California Sidewalk

mens sidewalk surfers sale

Whitney Port From the hills wearing sanuks

Whitney Port in Sanuk Sandals / Image via: Whitney Eve Port Pinterest

Kellan Lutz wearing sanuk shoes

Kellan Lutz in Sanuks / Via TheJourney21

Halle Berry wearing Sanuk Flip Flops

Halle Berry in SanuYoga Safari Flip Flops / Via PlanetShoes blog

sanuks flip flops womens sale

Selena Gomez wearing sanuk ibiza

Selena Gomez in Sanuk Ibiza Flip Flops / Via

famous people wearing sanuk shorty

Kellan Lutz, Amanda Seyfried, and Julianna Hough in the Sanuk Shorty / Via FashionGrail

sanuk shortys shop on sale

Bottom Line – Your Feet Will Be Comfortable and Stylish In Sanuks

Sanuk has a lot to offer for both men and women. Additionally, they also have shoes for boys, and girls. If you are looking for a casual unique style, then this is the brand to choose from. The good thing about their shoes is that they are more affordable than similar styles and designs in the market. Other than being barefoot, they are extremely comfortable AND fashionable, with many outfit choices available. Additionally, you can easily find them on most popular online stores such as Amazon and so forth.

shop all sanuk shoe styles

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